Einstein and the Bomb


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Einstein and the Bomb is a 2024 documentary delves into History. Combining archival footage with dramatization, the series explores key moments in the life of the science genius Albert Einstein and examines how his work has altered the course of history. The series is directed by Anthony Philipson and written by Philip Ralph. Starring Aidan McArdle, Andrew Havill, and featuring Albert Einstein, the documentary relies on words spoken or written by Einstein. Einstein and the Bomb was released on February 19, 2024, and is produced by BBC Studios
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Documentary , History

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Einstein and the Bomb Reviews and Ratings

Average Review Rating : positive


Positive Review Rating : 69%

    • Jennifer Green

      But it isnt likely to find a broad audience beyond history buffs and viewers with a special interest in the figure of Einstein. ( Read More )
    • Roger Moore

      Anthony Philipson and Anne Mensahs film has a whiff of quick and dirty about it, although its far more polished than your average History Channel docudrama treatment of such a subject. ( Read More )
    • Chris Vognar

      It looks inexpensive but sharp, it doesnt reek of sensationalism, and it doesnt feel like a cobbled together romp through history. ( Read More )
    • John Serba

      The History Channel circa the 90s reenactments read: theyre more than a little bit hokey prompt one to wonder why they didnt just make a full blown fictional film, casting, I dunno, Anthony Hopkins as Einstein or something. ( Read More )
    • Rohan Naahar

      The problem is that it doesnt view this as incidental complicity, but as an innocent mistake. ( Read More )
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